Vodburner is unique and accessible and lets users to record Skype conversations. It is simple; everything about it is direct and does not waste people’s time when it comes to downloading it; everything is convenient and it integrates with Skype effortlessly. The program is compatible with windows, so basically people with windows are lucky because they can download it anytime. It records both video and audio calls with high quality. i am sure many people like the feeling of capturing the best moments while recording their Skype calls with this app, not only does it support that, but also makes it cheap for you to add tags and subtitles on your recorded files and this is also as important as recording your calls since it makes your files stand out. The beauty of this software is, you can pick who to show while recording, i.e this side-other side / Side-by-Side, however, you have to keep in mind that the  tool also watermarks Skype videos if the person you have  called never installed the app on their computer, or if they have not used Skype video call – so whoever chooses this app over others, should make sure to always inform the other party that they are going to record, so that they check if they have all it takes for them to have a successful video call, just my opinion though, because it works for me that way.

How to use Vodburner

  1. First lets open the official website of Vodburner
  2. Click on the download button
  3. Immediately the download is done, click on the app folder
  4. Install the software
  5. After the installation, Vodburner app will be visible
  6. Begin a Skype call using your Skype
  7. The app will detect that you made a Skype call, so it will record it automatically
  8. While you record, the app displays convenient buttons for you which are, Pause and Stop
  9. You click on them when you either want to pause or to end your call recording
  10. As soon as your call ends, it will be stored on your computer, however, it separates audio calls from video calls
  11. Video calls are saved in MP4 or WAV file format, the audio calls in Mp3 file format

Advantages of Vodburner

  • Vodburner will let its users to edit their Skype recorded calls, it is a feature that you cannot just find in every recorder available, so if this offers it, why not try it out and experience more features it has for you.
  • Second is this app will record calls in high quality, and users like it because that way, they are sure they will have the best results that can even be played back with so much ease, so you don’t have to worry about quality issues because they are
  • The tool is good at displaying every single detail of the call you happen to make.

Disadvantages of Vodburner

  • The free version will not last a lifetime




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