Pamela is unique and well designed. The tool allows you to record video and audio Skype calls, and you will be surprised that they are of super high quality. It has automatic settings, and that means it will record your calls automatically, also will warn you that your call is being recorded. If you are looking for a recorder that comes with handy features and gives you quality performance, consider Pamela for Skype. It lets you create cool fancy messages while recording your calls. The app also comes with an automatic chat reply that sends a quick response to those looking for you while you are away from your computer. it is simple to use, and all users who use it say the same thing that they never really found any struggle installing it. Most people prefer this Skype recorder because of its overall performance plus it is good at managing recorded history – you will never fail to trace an old file with it. Unlike other Skype recorders, you can use this one for podcast and blogging anytime you feel like.

The program has four versions, and one of them is freeware (Basic) which allows you to record for 15 minutes, you can download it first to see how it works and when you find it excellent, you can upgrade to the other versions which Call Recorder, though it also allows you test call, then, Professional and Business! If you happen to pay for one of those, you will definitely have unlimited recording.

Features of Pamela

  • If you need to an app that supports email forwarding, you are in the right place; Pamela does that peacefully for you.
  • It will also record your Skype chats, which is an added advantage, it makes it even more reliable because the user will know that he has the video and chats and these can be used as reference in the future.
  • This app has higher features, like contact customization and Birthday reminder feature. The birthday reminder feature will keep you up-to date; you will always get a notification for your friend s birthdays. Even with all of these features, the app is still simple.
  • It seems impossible, but the program lets you play sounds during your Skype call recording, obviously, that gives it a good vibe and you will never feel bored.
  • Another feature is that it also records calls automatically, incoming and outgoing, it will record them all and both sides of the conversation.
  • When the recording time is complete, this tool will save your Skype recordings on your computer that can even be retrieved.
  • It’s easy to understand buttons make it easy to set up for whoever is interested in using it. this includes a pause button too and it will also the interface will show the ongoing recording

Advantages of Pamela

  • pamela can record both video and audio Skype calls
  • it is super reliable since it produces high quality results

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