Dvdvideosoft is simple and reliable app used to record Skype calls. if you have been looking for a simple tool that requires just a single click to start recording calls, this program is the one you need. The software is manageable, and that means nobody can fail to use it to record calls. Plus, it is compatible with windows. The app is more than you will ever need, its interface is simple, with just countable buttons that can do it all when it comes to recording calls. Also if you want to save some money, you can still opt for this tool since its free, but the free version will not offer all the features the premium version has, but you will get a lot out of the free version. This software will let you record video & audio calls with high quality sound. Besides recording both your calls, this will not record automatically, it should be started always, because it does not support automatic recording, so it is wise to keep that at the back of your mind while using this tool to record for you. You feel like you want to use it now to record your Skype calls? this program is available to download on its official website.

Features of Dvdvideosoft

  • Do you like the idea of pausing calls during your recording sessions? This software can do that perfectly. It will let you pause your call and resume whenever you are ready, interestingly, it will continue from where you paused without even losing anything.
  • For quick and easy ending of your Skype call, you tap the convenient Stop button from the interface, and it will stop instantly, so users can put a stop on their recordings at any time
  • This app isn’t just for recording basic Skype calls, you can also record calls with different modes for example only video, only audio or picture in picture, which would record both sides of the Skype call, that means you can play around with all these modes while recording video call.
  • Since this app stores Skype video calls in mp4 format, and audio calls in mp3 form, it also makes it makes it easy to be played with by other Players.
  • It has got a quite simple interface, so you’ll be in able to read it and record your Skype calls perfectly
  • It also includes an output folder which you can rename to something simple that would help you recognise your files quick and fast.
  • The app has manual settings, so it will not make any mistake of recording anything you have not redirected it to do.

Advantages of Dvdvideosoft

  • This tool lets you to record video & audio Skype calls without any payment
  • It is compatible with windows 8, win 7, win 10, win XP, win Vista, so it literally leaves out no version of windows.
  • The tool comes with minimum processor requirements, so your machine will not disturb you anyway, it will still respond smoothly




TalkHelper is free software that provides you with recording Skype calls. It is suitable for windows and comes in two versions, which both offer the same features but the premium version is unlimited. So keep that mind when you download this Skype recorder app. If you have Skype calls you want to record, you can use this tool. It will record video and audio for you efficiently. This program can also record voice mails and video chats with high quality. You can even use it to captures video Skype calls. If it matters anyway, it is perfect for professional Skype call recording since it is completely reliable and has a well designed interface which is more convenient. It also includes 32bit / 64 bit making it more functional and steady. This operates automatically, as soon as you make a Skype call, then it will start to record. However, it also includes manual settings that will help you not to record your calls automatically.

Features of TalkHelper

There are various features for TalkHelper tool but we are going to out the most outstanding for below;

  • The most unique feature about this app is the ability to allow users record video and audio Skype calls for free, and while it records, it also provides formats for you like mp3 for audio calls and wav, mp4 file format for video calls. And if you want to playback your recordings, you simply go to your computer where it saves the recordings.
  • TalkHelper can work on all versions of Skype including the newer version, which favours all users in this case. So whatever version of Skype, you have, this app has got your back, just install it and begin recording your interviews and other personal Skype calls
  • The tool will enable you add notes and memos on your recorded files, this is a great feature since it even gives your recording a different look when you playback in the future.
  • It contains no viruses, adware and spyware, so install it confidently knowing nothing will happen to your machine if you use it.
  • What we love most about this app is even when you playback, you can still preview the ongoing call recording at the same.
  • Lastly, it will organize your files – they will be saved independently for example, notes alone and Skype recording alone

Advantages of TalkHleper

  • The tool guarantees high quality sound
  • It is free to download and simple to install
  • It allows users to record video and audio Skype calls

Disadvantages of TalkHelper

  • The only drawback with this tool is that its free version allows you to record for only seven days, so you will definitely have to upgrade to get boundless recording
  • Also, it is not lightweight, so you probably need adequate space to have it on your windows PC
  • Not to be forgotten, this program cannot notify you during your Skype call recording that the call is being recorded.