Mp3 Skype recorder is really user -friendly to its users, it is free and can record video and audio Skype calls effortlessly. What users like most about this program is that it’s super convenient and ensures high quality production. People who use this app say they have never had a single disappointment. It is only software anybody should use to record if you want to trace concurrent Skype calls and store them singly. We love this tool. There are many apps, but since not all of them offer free Skype calls, we treasure this one! It can even record all Skype conversations you receive on your Skype online contact, which is quite clearly the best value. Its interface is incredibly simple, and while you install it, there will not be any issues, and it has plenty of recording options which we are soon going to tackle about.

Features of Mp3

  • Unlike other recorders, Mp3 is an app that gives you free and unlimited Skype call recording, you will be in position to record all calls for free, be it business calls or personal calls, moreover with no functional limit. What more do you want really?
  • It has automatic recording, all Skype calls ie landline and p2p Skype calls will be recorded automatically because it is able to detect everything you do.
  • While it records your Skype audio calls, it also makes sure to store them in the compact Mp3 file format
  • Mp3 is capable of recording various calls at the same time for example the ongoing call and the one on hold, which makes recording calls convenient for everyone
  • The app has a pause and stop button which gives users full control over their recording, they are free to pause and resume the call whenever, also when you are satisfied with your recording, you click on the stop button and it will instantly end your Skype call
  • To get better results for your Skype call recording, you need mp3 recorder, it warrantees high quality sound, and we think it’s a great feature because you will not regret in the future when you get to playback the memories, they will be as clear and audible enough as you first recorded them.
  • The tool has all the features you expect in Skype recorder – it has manual and automatic settings. We mentioned earlier how it can record your Skype calls automatically, now here comes another option – for the people who do not aim at recording every single Skype call they get. They can enable manual recording – but that simply means, you have to press the record button in order for to get started.

Advantages of Mp3

  • This tool will create a different recording file for each Skype call you make and they will be saved on your computer
  • It is so simple to interpret and merges with Skype smoothly, so no one will get challenges when during its installation


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