iFree Skype call recorder is designed for people who enjoy to record Skype calls without cost, so you will record calls freely for not until you get tired of recording. It’s great at recording calls with high quality, which means you will have beautiful files that are worth watching again in the future. The app is understated with a simple interface which is easy to operate, it gives you options to record calls with different formats such as stereo or mono format depending on what you think is best for you. Also while you make a Skype call, this app will record automatically. It has two recording options for you, manual and automatic, so be sure to choose what you think is convenient. Otherwise, If you want a tool that will do its job without much effort, this is the choice for you

How to record with iFree

  • Before you download iFree app, be certain you have Skype installed already on your windows
  • Then download iFree call recorder
  • Click on the downloaded folder two times
  • After you do that, the app will get authority to work from Skype
  • You will get a notification asking you to click on the Allow access button
  • Once the button is clicked on, make a Skype call and then click on the Start recording button for it to begin recording your call.
  • When you finfish, you click on the Stop button and the file will be saved on your PC

Features of iFree

  • The tool features an auto chat reply, which will endeavour to respond back to your contacts when they try to contact you and you are not available
  • iFree offers a lifetime and free Skype call recording, so you are rest assured that you will not be cut short during your Skype call recording sessions.
  • The fact that this app is free, it makes it easy for anyone to download and start using it, more reason why it’s used by many people even.
  • The tool is also very easy to install, when you download, you will be pleased by its simple interface, it will not take you long to start recording your Skype conversations
  • It is practically compatible with windows versions which are windows 7, 8, Vista, 8.1 and 10, plus 32bit or 64bit.
  • While you record calls with this app, be content because it will also give you the best high quality recording.
  • It has got a small file size, so it is an app that will not take big space on your windows. You can install it and your space will still be enough for other programs
  • Users can control the recording sound/volume while recording calls, you can choose to increase or decrease your volume.
  • It makes it simple for users to trace for their recorded history after
  • Last but least, it is able to show you the recording status during your Skype recording session.



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