G-Recorder is different, so you will have a different recording experience when you download it. The program is good at recording Skype audio calls and chats. Its interface is easy to use, no matter how un skilled you are. For those who enjoy listening to their recordings all the time, this software might actually do a better job than you would ever know. It saves Skype calls and chats on both your computer and Gmail, and i think that is convenient enough for you to access your recordings whenever by logging in-to your Gmail account, something you will never find in other recorders. There are two versions of G-Recorder though, one offers you with free Skype call recording for 14 days, and another one will allow you to record for a lifetime and also has better features for example forwarding Skype calls & chats to whichever email of your choice, however it comes with a price tag. With this tool you can also deactivate Skype call recording notifications and record when it’s completely off. If you need an app that gives you easy online access to your recorded files, this one will do best, as you can even access files from your telephone.

Features of G-Recorder

This app comes with great features, so it can be trusted to record your Skype calls; below we list some of its features

  • This app allows you to add notes to your Skype recordings – it is a nice feature since it simplifies everything for you when it’s searching time, you simply search by the title or name you would have given the file.
  • You can always access your Skype recordings through an internet connection on your phone, so can playback anytime , and you will control or protect your files by not sharing your Gmail username and password
  • As soon as this app connects to your Skype, it will be ready t o record both your Skype audio calls and chats automatically, so when you install it. Enable automatic settings and you will see what i am trying to mean.
  • As long as you use this app to record calls, it will make sure to record your incoming and outgoing Skype calls, moreover both side of the call.
  • This tool is a great way to keep Skype recordings for a long time, the fact that it saves in Gmail too; you never can easily delete your files that are in Gmail.
  • Also, the program gives users confidence to go ahead and pay for the professional version, since it comes with a guarantee of 30 days, once you download it and do not find it convincing or reliable like you expected, you will definitely get your money back.

Disadvantages of G-Recorder

  • First downside is that the free version cannot be used to search for your Skype calls as well as chat notes
  • The other version also known as professional version is expensive to have


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