Evaer is sleeker than most of the apps available. It is compatible with windows PC and supports video and audio Skype call recording. The tool has adjustable local video setting on picture in picture mode. It also has a screen capture that would capture away every video frame of your Skype video call without losing and information. One of the most captivating things on this program is that it can allow its users to record separate files, side by side or picture in picture etc, which can be convenient.  We love the precision it offers and the way it can also record Skype voicemails and video chats and it will store them to your computer for when you need to use them. It is available and free to download, so all users interested in trying it can have it. However, this app will record your Skype calls for just five minutes if using the free trial version – there will be no functional limit, but it also has a version that will record your Skype calls for a lifetime only if you pay for it. so if you do not see yourself recording for just 5 minutes, you can purchase for the this version because it will be unlimited.

How to record with Evaer

  • Before you download, be certain your device meets the needs of the program
  • Download Evaer software from the official website
  • Simply open the download folder
  • Then you will get a notification that says Allow access
  • Click on its button, and that means its accepted to work from Skype
  • Try to make a Skype call, and then tap on the record button
  • Otherwise, you can as well set automatic recording settings – which helps to record automatically instead of clicking on the record button.
  • Once you finish recording, you click on the Stop button and the file be saved directly on your computer for a playback

Features of Evaer

  1. One of the best features is the tool supports all versions of Skype – so for the people who have been worried that they do not have the newest version of Skype, Relax! This tool has you covered! You can now install it even if you have not yet upgraded to the newest.
  2. Also it is compatible with literally all the windows versions – windows 7 , win8, win10, win Vista, win2000
  3. It has got a straight interface that would never complicate your life once you choose to use it for recording your Skype calls, you will be able to record all your Skype streams automatically, whether incoming or incoming, they will be recorded smoothly
  4. It gives users a chance to preview their ongoing call while recording – it makes you decide if you what to keep it or not, after of course seeing how it will appear when you save it.

Advantages of Evaer

  • It has a suitable auto chat reply
  • It records video and audio Skype calls
  • It supports sharing music while recording calls
  • The app saves Skype video calls in AVI/MP4 format
  • Audio Skype conversations are saved in Mp3 format






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