AthTek Skype recorder is much more reliable in terms of recording Skype calls with high quality sound. The tool supports both video and audio Skype call recording and comes with automatic default settings – in that, when you make a call, it will be recorded automatically or you can choose manual recording if you do not see yourself recording every Skype call you get or you will make. Everyone needs a modern Skype recorder, and this has many advanced features that make it stand out, including invisible mode. It is lightweight, so it does not take a lot of space on your computer; it displays simple and readable buttons, so it literally welcomes all users. Different users say, it’s hard to beat AthTek software, which also gets high mark for reliability. So for people who want an advanced recorder that can record without fuss, AthTek Skype recorder is a good bet because it gets users approval for consistency, and most users agree that its one of the simplest.

Features of AthTek

  • One of the best features of this tool is its editing options, which users say is great for searching recorded files because you can use whatever you used to name your recording to search for a specific file in the future, and once it retrieves your history, you will also see other details such as the duration of the call as well as the date and the day you made that Skype call
  • Another feature is, it’s also very easy to operate, recording automatically when you make a Skype call; this makes it reliable and consistent when it comes to recording Skype conversations, that is why we love to recommend it for business Skype calls.
  • It requires minimal space, so you do not have to think twice about downloading it, you will have a chance to download other tools
  • Furthermore, it is amazing as it can record your Skype conversations from undercover, giving you space to do other work on your windows PC such as opening other web pages etc

Advantages of AthTek

  • AthTek Skype recorder is compatible with all versions of windows e.g windows 7, windows Vista, windows XP, windows 8.1, windows 1o and windows 2000
  • This app will record your audio Skype conversations and will provide you with various formats you can store them with such as Flac, ogg, mp3 or wma.
  • It stores video Skype calls separately from audio Skype calls, the videos are saved as AVI file format.
  • Besides recording both video and audio calls, the tool also record Skype chat messages.
  • The app is also free to download which makes it very accessible; whoever types AthTek will be free to have it.

Disadvantages of AthTek

  • The major drawback of this program is that it will record your calls for only ten minutes, so make sure to be precise while recording your Skype calls with the free trial version of AthTek Skype recorder.

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