Amolto is a simple recorder that lets you record Skype calls. it connects to Skype once you download it on your windows PC. This program functions well and its feature packed. Users like the fact that it can enable them record unlimited audio Skype calls. Many say they find it very user-friendly and more effective at recording Skype conversations with good high-quality, it is also easy to install, including its automatic settings that can quickly record any Skype call you make automatically. Also when it comes to reliability, Amolto is among the best tools, it will never disappoint because it always perform as expected and keeps files safe you to watch again when you feel like. If you do not mind about recording video Skype calls, the free version of Amolto will be great enough for you, but if you feel like you need it to support both Skype calls, the best thing would be getting the premium version, which can support both the calls with too much ease when you record. In addition, to get the premium version is also very easy; it’s just a matter of accessing Amolto online store through internet and buy the activation code, then the rest will be done automatically and you will also get your license through your email box as soon as you purchase one. It’s that simple, and you will be good to go to start recording unlimited video and audio Skype calls.

Features of Amolto

  • Features of this software include simple interface, it lets users install the app without any inconvenience – it will detect when you make a Skype call and will begin to record automatically, users love how exceptionally easy to use this tool
  • This app is credited for quality, it will record your audio Skype conversations with high quality, you will listen to your audio calls after, and you be mesmerized and proud of how great they would sound in the future
  • This app has two recording options: one will help users to record automatically, and another to record their calls manually. You either enable automatic or manual recording since you cannot select both options, it would never work – great for everyone. Users love how convenient and reliable to use these options is.
  • Furthermore, it is capable of replying back to your texts in your absence – it can never get any better indeed, you actually leave your computer confidently knowing that your Skype chats will be taken care of anytime any day.
  • The app supports addition of Mp3 tags, so when you record Skype calls, you can still go back and add any kind of tag you what that would even simplify to search for them later

Advantages of Amolto

  • It produces very excellent quality sound for audio Skype conversations
  • It is free to both download and upgrade at any time
  • It allows users to record remote sound only, local sound only or both sides sound etc

Disadvantages of Amolto

  • The free version does not support screen sharing.

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