10 Skype call recorder on windows

We’ve heard and also totally agree that Skype is the most used app around the world, how it is the simplest way of communication to stay in touch with families, relatives as well as friends, and all that – People who use this program have often wondered how they can get their calls recorded, because we all know the importance of recording Skype calls, some record their calls because they want to re-watch them in the future as they can remind them so much of their friends, and others just record for fun, to have something they can watch when they get bored. However, the fact is that Skype will never record your Skype calls no matter what, because there is no built in feature, using Skype recorder software is the only way you will manage to record your Skype calls. The best apps that can record Skype calls have efficiency. That said, in our pick, we list down some of the best Skype recorder apps that you can use to record your conversations.

Ready to record your Skype calls? Check out the 10 Skype call recorder on windows right now that will suit your needs the best.

Pamela for Skype

One of the most well-known Skype recorder apps is Pamela, it is compatible with windows and it is very user-friendly, which has led to its popularity. This app is a great way to record your Skype conversations, since it ensures high quality during your Skype call recording. It is worth noting that this software also has four different versions which are; Basic, Call Recorder, Professional & Business. So while you are on Pamela’s official website and ready to download, be sure to check the features each version offers, it’s quite important for you, though you have a chance to try out some of its free trial versions, like Pamela Basic and Call Recorder.

Pamela also gives more recording options like playing cool sounds while recording, as well as editing functions. Not only does this tool record video and audio Skype calls, but also records voice mails and messages, so with that in mind, we think Pamela can deal with anything in regard to recording and it is one of the best ways to record calls.


  • Pamela offers a chat reply, clearly, who wouldn’t want to use an app that comes with such a convenient feature? I think we all do, since it takes care of our friends in our absence by sending back a quick text, in addition to that, you can as well choose to write your own note as opposed to the automatic chat reply
  • Users who pick this software to record their Skype calls have the capability to set manual call recording or automatic call recording mode, it all depends on your intentions anyways
  • Lastly, users can record audio Skype calls in WAV / MP3 file format.


  • Pamela Basic is limited to fifteen minutes


Evaer gets high marks for its unique and excellent recording features. And while it’s developed to record Skype calls, it can also be used to share music and not every recorder can do that. It’s not surprising, that the app supports both video and audio calls on windows. It hooks up with Skype and starts to record Skype calls automatically once you install it. This program is flexible enough to support screen sharing, something that is really useful because it helps us to see images or documents we may not understand if we are just doing the talking. You can use this app to record video group Skype calls until ten ways and it will make sure to show you everyone in the video call recorded which can be great for conferences and lessons.


  • One of the best features this tool comes with is High quality, there are no blurry days or such bad images with this one – whatever it records will be 100% of good high quality which makes your recordings beautiful and very clear.
  • It will also allow you to preview your ongoing Skype video call recording while you record, this shows you if the video you are recording will be worth saving or just leave it at that and delete it.
  • While using this app to record your calls, you will not be bothered by separating Skype video calls from Skype audio calls because it does that for you, it saves them in different formats as soon as you finish recording for example, Skype video calls will be saved with AVI / MP4 file format, then the audios will be saved with MP3 file format.


  • This tool has no warning sound, clearly it will not play any sounds when you begin recording your Skype calls

Amolto call recorder for Skype

This app is a wonderful way to record Skype calls; you could use it to record your Skype conversations on windows which is ideal for all end users. The app has a simple interface that welcomes literally everyone who is interested in using it to record their Skype calls. In fact, it has automatic settings which do not require any configurations, so that when a user installs the app, it starts to record the Skype calls automatically with zero effort. It also comes in two versions, the free trial version, plus the paid version. One of the main differences between these two versions is that the free trial version does not support video Skype call recording, it only allows users to record audio calls, whereas the paid version offers both audio and video Skype calls unlimited. Moral, to upgrade to the paid version depends on your preferences, because everyone has different tastes and preferences, i may want to just record audio Skype calls for a short time, and another person out there may prefer to record both Skype calls and for a lifetime, so this is when you can pay for the upgrade and start recording both calls..


  • Amolto is compatible with nearly all windows versions which make it even more convenient and accessible to use for recording calls.
  • It comes with a very convenient pause/resume button which helps end users to take their time while recording Skype calls – you can record your call and resume it later when you are settled with whatever made you pause.
  • The app also makes it easy for you to retrieve your Skype recorded calls, you just have to search by name and it will display all the history.


  • Amolto doesn’t support video call with the free version, to access both, users need to pay for the professional version

TalkHelper call recorder for Skype

My favourite Skype recorder software is by far TalkHelper , and i will tell you why – it is exclusively unique and reliable in every way possible, first, the program is compatible with windows and works well with all versions of Skype available – Secondly, it is free of charge and offers both video and audio Skype calls which are of course high quality. So far, the two reasons i have given why it’s the best tool, make it already outstanding and wanted by many, i mean, to be honest, that is exactly what everyone is looking for in a recorder, users want to record their Skype calls with the best apps on the market, simple and should also be functional enough, so that at the end of the day, you have good results you will be proud of to even share with your buddies. The program will also capture every video frame of your Skype calls during your Skype recording sessions, topping up on the data that you already have, I do not think it can get better really! And it is probably the Skype recorder i recommend most


  • It is so easy to use because everything is direct with TalkHelper call recorder for Skype – i have never heard anyone say they found it complicated to record their Skype calls
  • It is among those top Skype recorder apps that allow users to record Skype calls for free with no functional limit with its free trial version, unlike others.
  • Another TalkHelper’s standout feature is its free from viruses and spyware, which won’t affect your windows PC when you download it


  • It cuts you short when you still want to record more with its free version


This one is the simplest way to record Skype calls. Its free and simple software that can record both your video and audio Skype conversations with ease, it also has plenty of recording features including capturing every Skype video call you make during your recording. It is ideal for those who enjoy recording video calls. It can let you edit your Skype video calls as well and while you record calls, you can simply add precise tittles to your files for easy identification in the future. In addition, its recording settings couldn’t get any simpler – there are automatic and manual settings, you select one. Users say it’s much easier to record Skype calls automatically and so most of them prefer automatic settings.

This program is most effective at producing absolute video production from video calls, which can be a great thing when it comes to Skype group video call recording. Furthermore, it is easy to record from – this side, other side – so it will be easy to manage your calls. However, the tool has a tendency of watermarking Skype video calls – this usually happens when its only one user with Vodburner installed, and if you what to avoid this prior, you need to ask the person if they have the software on their device, if they do not have it, they can first install then you proceed with the calling.. And that way, you would be safe.


  • This software is lightweight and it will not take up too much valuable space on your computer
  • Users who just want to have fun while recording video calls should check out this software, it is powerful enough to provide all the fun recording functions.


  • It requires both users to have the app installed otherwise, the video will be poor

Mp3 Skype recorder

Mp3 is one of the most popular available on windows. Users are pleased with the way it records Skype calls efficiently. It offers both video and audio Skype calls, which users appreciate. Many people have concluded that it has better recording functions. The app itself is simple and can easily be installed in a minute – giving it high marks for being flexible. Like most Skype programs, it also records Skype calls automatically, and it has manual settings as well. It is still worth noting that this software provides various formats you can save audio recordings with such as wma, wav /mp3 file format.


  • Mp3 call recorder allows you to edit your video calls, it is very cheap to add sub tittles to your files as well and add other simple memos if you are interested
  • The tool allows users to record for free, this is what most users what, people love trying out new things without pulling out cash from their pockets and this app serves it full to you, you will have both video and audio Skype calls
  • It is fun to record Skype calls with Mp3 call recorder for Skype because while you record, it makes sure to oversee the call, which makes the user feel relaxed.


  • Upgrading to the feature packed version of Mp3 is costly

Free Skype recorder

This one is the true definition of free and simple, iFree is peoples favourite because it allows users to record Skype calls for free; anyone can install this software and use it to record for as long as they want. Provided you have the right windows, nothing can stop you. This program works with windows – that is why i mentioned earlier that as long as you have windows PC, nothing will stop you. You could be wondering if it’s any different when it comes to downloading it because it’s free – i will strongly say, it’s no any different, it can also be accessed from the official website of iFree call recorder for Skype, and when you install, you will only have to authorize it so that it can start running from Skype. In addition, it can also record your Skype calls automatically. So if you are one of the people who would be happy and super excited to have a free Skype recorder, iFree is the tool. Install it now and start recording calls for free, call your friends and families and whoever you have ever wished to record on Skype now, and i am sure after, you will inform all your friends about this wonder Skype recorder tool.


  • It has an MP3 built-in
  • iFree can allow you to record calls in different ways for example; record both sides, only record my side or only record remote side
  • it also has two options you can capture your audio Skype calls from for example Skype API or Audio devices, you can of course select just one not both at ago


  • This Skype recorder does not support length calls


This one is among the most common kind of reliable Skype recorders on windows. It lets users to record video and audio Skype calls automatically as soon as they begin a call. This tool is great choice for recording interviews, conferences as well as other VoIP calls because it supports video calling and they can be of high quality. It is sleek and modern, and it’s not the type that will lose your files after recording, since it saves Skype calls on the computer immediately you stop your Skype calls – technically easy to playback in the future and enjoy the calls you recorded.  We totally love the simplicity of this app and so will you if you try to use it to record your Skype conversations


  • AthTek works with the following windows; windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 2000 and windows Vista
  • Other amazing features of this Skype recorder include editing tools plus the app can be concealed while recording calls, which gives an opportunity to do other things on your windows PC
  • It can as well transfer Skype recorded files to a server only if you have an account with File transfer protocol connections, so if you are the there and interested in this feature, it is as simple as creating an account with FTP, then you will have your Skype recorded files transferred in a blink of a eye.


  • We recommend this app, however it also has its drawbacks and one of them is, it obstructs Skype call messages.


Considered one of the most efficient ways to track Skype calls and chats, G-Recorder is reliable and user-friendly since it helps you to record both audio Skype calls as well as chats. This program is available on G-Recorder official website. And its installation is relatively simple; installing it does not require professionals. That means it’s easy to record your Skype calls with, otherwise it’s not worth the trouble. The app comes with two versions that can record your Skype calls, however the free trial version of this app is limited, there are certain features you would definitely miss out while using the free version not until you upgrade to the paid version. This program is convenient because it saves your Skype calls on both computer and email box, which means you have full control over your files as they can be accessed at anytime if you have internet.


  • G- Recorder allows you to have your Skype chats whenever you feel like since you can login using email
  • This application also guarantees privacy, as long as you protect your logins from people
  • Last but least, not only does it save Skype calls in email but also Gmail and you can still use you mobile to login and track recorded history if you want to.


  • G-Recorder’s free version comes with some barriers

Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder

If you like to record Skype calls but cannot stomach the price some programs come with just to offer you both video and audio Skype calls, Dvdvideosoft is a good budget stand in. Though it does not come with automatic settings which can record Skype calls automatically. It is still effective enough to record with high quality. it has a relatively simple interface and there are three buttons that users select with a simple click to record and manage their Skype calls which are Start, pause  and Stop. Keep that in mind that your call will not be recorded automatically if you want to use this app.

This program will record your Skype calls with no limit and it will also store them for you on your computer, you will not find a hard time to playback the previous calls because they will be right in front of you on your machine.


  • This tool is super reliable since it offers free Skype calls, anyone would choose this tool a million times over others because not so many apps available offer what is does.
  • This app was designed for windows, so people who have windows are lucky to have a great option they can use to record their Skype conversations


  • This tool has annoying ads and they keep on popping up while using the app


The software for you depends on your personal needs; do you want a Skype recorder that can record your business Skype calls as well as personal calls? i bet you will find one in our pick







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